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The Last of Us Part I

This reel is comprised of the cinematography work that I had done on the Last of Us Part I, while working at Naughty Dog.

Blur Studio Layout Test

This is a layout test that I created for Blur Studio. All sets, models and animation were provided by Blur Studio. I was responsible for all cinematography and editing.

Layout Reel 2020

This reel consists of works from my senior thesis film, Pixar Animation Studios internship, and a layout test I created for Blur Studio.

Layout Reel 2019

Layout reel incorporating shots from my senior thesis film, from Ringling College of Art & Design. Everything in this reel was created using Maya, ZBrush, 3D Coat, Nuke, Houdini FX (Some), Marvelous Designer, Photoshop, & Premiere Pro.

Purple Stage Fright character rig provided by Lauren Jacobsen
Shirtless character rig provided by Jeff Shea

Pixar Layout Internship Reel

This reel features my work as a Layout intern at Pixar Animation Studios.

The work includes content featuring deleted scenes from Disney/Pixar's "Onward" as well as a posing assignment using character and prop assets from the film.

I was responsible for the cinematography and character animation blocking.

Toy Story Location Scout

This is a location scout that I created during my layout internship at Pixar. It features a deleted scene where Buzz Lightyear stumbles upon knock-off versions of himself at a carnival game, while he's tied up as a prize. The scout was created using a deleted scene from Toy Story 4.

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